Sunday, May 8, 2005

Week 18 of 2005

Rain today, after a few weeks of very dry weather. So dry in fact, that the weekend fun yesterday was helping my neighbor two lots over control a fire that got out of hand. I am afraid that a nice 30+ Palm may have been lost in the process. The yard, which is very tropical in nature had many bananas and when the sparks hits the dried banana foliage from the winter the light winds made a quick rapidly spreading fire. The Palm was probably the only permanent loss. Back at New Dawn I am afraid that late transplanting might have cost me an Azalea and a Gardenia, but nothing we won't survived. Just to put the stats down so far this evening on the 25th of April we have received .28 inches of rain with .37 inches thus far for the month of April. Bear in mind that we get 50+ inches of rain a year. April is always a very dry month here.

After a two year lapse, I may finally again taste fresh tomatoes with 6 plants in the ground. They went in late, but look fine and should result in a few tomatoes before the summer heat arrives. I have two more beds in the making for pepper plants that I will acquire next week. We even added a few new ornamentals this year too. The pictures attached are first a group of Asiatic Lilies that has now repeated for several years in a row. Next are a couple of Amaryllis that has also come back for several years. Last is our first Crinum bloom of the spring. This particular Crinum has a narrow silver/grey/green tint foliage. It was found in a ditch near an old long abandoned home site in the middle of a cane field.