Sunday, October 30, 2005

October 30st, 2005 - Wow, how do I get back into this after all this time. So much has happened. First came the dog days of summer.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita - Hurricane Katrina stuck to our east and devastated New Orleans. Then came Hurricane Rita, which stuck to our west. It seemed that Lafayette/New Iberia were the only communities left whole on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Not that we were left our, as you remember Hurricane Lili took its toll on us just 3 years ago. And Rita gave us a bit of damage as well. It claimed some of my younger trees and my small greenhouse in its wake. I dissembled the greenhouse, or its remaining pieces today, it is probably salvageable, but will take quite a bit of work to repair. A good winter project, but I am worried over what I will do with the plants that traditionally wintered over there. Maybe the back porch in Jeanerette but I do not relish moving them back there again.

New Dawn Gets a Home - Finally, after all these years we are building our permanent home at New Dawn. Hopefully, the bull dozer will arrive in the first week of November. Now finally seeing the home plans I have some idea as to how the beds will layout. I have had 3 years to plant, move, replant, and watch nature demonstrate its will on the property. Still, the house will reveal the final plan in my mind, but things are a bit clearer at this time. I moved a few plants and beds around to prepare. I also began digging the final plants to be moved in Jeanerette this evening.

I moved a few plants in the twin pines bed to clear the eventual path of the front door. I have no idea how this bed will finally end up, but I am sure there are still substantial changes to remain. I eliminated both climbing rose beds and again potted the roses. I am very satisfied with the removal of the beds. It was the right thing to do. But what to do with the roses. OK, I have a new plan, the Rose Church. Using materials I already have, this should be workable. We will see as time goes. For this winter the roses will spend the winter in their pots. The wrought iron will wait as well. This plan looks good, though. Let's sit on it for a few months as we watch the house take shape. Only then will we decide.

I tilled then entire cross bed. Still now planting plan there, but it will come to me. I also tilled the veggie beds where the soil is just becoming incredible after three years of composting. One bed is planted with with Shallots (from my dad), then Onions (left over from last year but too small to use), and then Spinach seeds from the seed stock. The second bed is planted with carrots and beets. The third is waiting for cabbage, but I need to get some seedlings from the local seed store. I have no idea how I will finally rid myself of the Coco Grass. I pulled endless nuts from the tilled soil, but I know there are 3 times as many undiscovered still.

Back in Jeanerette - Today, on this Sunday evening I dug many crinums and some elephant ears to go over to their next home. Still plenty of each to be dug as well, but things ended as I broke my old shovel, which had been creaking for a few months now. Only fiberglass handles from now on, as I am a bull on the end of a shovel.