Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally, its Time to Plant

Heading out to plant the new Blueberry bushes. This is my second attempt, having failed once, not realizing the unusual ph requirements for Blueberries. So, an adjustment here and an adjustment there, and down they went, all Rabbiteye, as suggested. I planted one Premier, one Climax, and one Tifblue. I used Black Cow as a supplement and also 1-Step as well. Just need some good mulch now and regular watering. That's allI can do. Oh, and I'll pray a bit too.

The Tomatoes are Down

This was the first spring cleanup weekend. I spent hours, literally, on the weedeater, while Cel did the mowing duties. Sounds like a chore, but really, it was quite enjoyable work.

The main tomato crop, 14 in all, is down into the new no-till beds. They all have a nice thick mulch of Oak Leaves Cow Manure or Compost for fertilizer. It'll be Spray-n-Grow and Bill's Perfect Fertilizer from here on their all organic diet. I finally got the two Rain Trees from Helen planted, which completes my Rain Tree Grove Project. I still have the new Blueberry bushes to plant, but with daylight savings time kicking in that should be easy to get done this week.

A Fabulous Garden is a Great Place to Try Out Your Photographic Skills

Today is a good day to blog, or at least to start a new blog. I have maintained a website for many years in a blog sort of fashion, but it is time to make the process a bit easier, so here goes with my first entry along with a nice little picture I took at Rip Van Winkle Gardens during a recent retreat.