Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Parrots and the Shrimp Have Arrived, with a Little Fire on the Side.

The cold winter and spring drought have left much destruction in their path, yet things do surprise me.  Well, the return of the Parrot Lilies was not a real surprise.  They are pretty tough and have taken advantage of the cold winter to expand into new areas.

The Shrimp Plants, on the other hand have surprised me.   Not only surviving, but also may ultimately thrive taken over space once occupied by more tropical natured species.  Now, admittedely, both are shadows of their former selves, but a warm summer, and some rains should do wonders.

And the Fire Spikes are back as well.  I am surprised to see them at all.

Other surprises are the return of the Carnation of India, the Variegated Pandora Vine, and even more surprising is the early return of my Jatropha.