Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Have Eaten Many Weeds

Today, I spent approx. 4 hours manning the weedeater.   And I still have another hour or so to go.   Now, its not that bad every weekend.   This is a about a once a month or so job, and with some carefull application of Roundup here and there, along with some heavy mulching it will shorten by a half of so.   Much of what I am knocking out are the spring weeds.   Next will be the summer batch headlined by our old favorite, Johnson Grass.   But it won't show up till the summer rains start, and they certainly have not started.  It is quite dry out, and we could really use a good rain.

The vegetable gardens are looking really good this spring.  My best effort so far, on this property, for sure.   We'll have a nice Potato and Tomato crop.   Onions will be OK, with a little Spinach, Lettuce, and Onions too.  If the winter weather had cooperated, we would have easily quadrupled our output, be regardless, I am pleased for this year.

I may not be bamboozled by bamboo after all.   Although the west Moso appeared to be a loss, the East Moso had 4 new shoots.  

Palms - I started pruning the death from the palms.  The bizzies are goners.   All of the Mules look great, except for the smallest which had a spear pull along with the Jubutea.  That is a big disappointment for sure.   But we'll see.  I haven't given up on them yet.