Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Was a Great Day, For a Bug, But,,,,,,,,,,,

Its late summer in Louisiana, which is a fine time, if you're a bug, including the most despicable of all, the roach,   So I pulled everthing off the front and back porches and finished power washed the house. You know, I dreamed of having a pressure washer until the second time I power washed the house. The first time it was Tim the Toolman (manly grunt) cool. After the second time, the dream changed. Now I dream of hiring someone to pressure wash the house. Not really, grunt.

The only bad thing after a good fall cleaning, is you really don't want to put all of the stuff back on the porches.  You just want to appreciate the clean.   But, the cooler fall weather is coming.  It's prime outside time in Louisiana.  And I can't wait to sit out on the porches and feel the cool breeze hitting my face, or back, or side, or heck, anywhere, just cool the heck off weather, would you.