Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maters, We's Gonna Have Maters

Today, I tied up all of the tomatoes their stakes.  As I was doing so, I noticed my first tomato flowers.   It won't be long now, before I see those little round green fruit starting to form.  Yeehaa.   I went ahead and gave them their first fertilizer today as well, and watered it in.  Actually I fertlized everything but the corn.  I read somewhere not to fertilize corn too early.   Got to go look that up and find out when is not too early, lol.

Saw some catepillar damage down on the EggPlant seedlings.  I may have to address that, but will continue to monitor for now as I also say some beneficial insects out there as well.  BT might be a safe organic bet, if I have to resolve it through controls.