Thursday, February 24, 2011

Planted Cucumbers and Melons Late Afternoon

Left to right, starting mid row on Row 3 to the end are:

Longfellow Cucumber (Freedom Seeds)
Fanfare Cucumber (TruValue)
Cucumber (Rafe wedding)**
Giant Cucumbers (fall garden 2010)
Rich Sweetness 305 Asian Melon – Baker Creek
Mexican Melon – Gotreaux Farms
Sun Jewel Melon – Gotreaux Farms
Midyat Melon - ebay
Tigger Melon – Baker Creek
Hales Best Jumbo Canteloupe – True Value

For the size of the top, I was very surprised at how little root development there was on these seedlings.  The were just starting to emerge from the seed plugs, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

One last update for the night.  I just planted out another seed tray with Hot Peppers.

1. Jalapeno Pepper - from Bill, labeled Publix
2. Cayenne, Large Red Thick - Martha Stewart (2003)
3-8. Hot Pepper Mixture - from Bill, Burpee (2009) (mixture of Anaheim Chili, Ancho, Hungarian Wax, Jalapeno M, and Long Red Cayenne.

Another Tomato Bites The Dust, Then So Does the Culprit

As suspected, another tomato was felled by the cutworm last night.  I could almost forgive it, if it actually was seeking food.  Instead they just bite the stem of the seedling in half, leaving both parts then uneaten.  A total waste on all accounts.   So far, the  Rutger’s Tomato and Wild Everglades Tomato were the victims.  This morning, after a bit of excavating I found one worm, and dispatched it.  Hopefully, that was the one.  I rebuilt the row and planted the replacements.

Hopefully we are done with this circumstance.

After this original post, I went back out and noticed that the third tomato in the short row was gone.  It was the Brandywine.  Unlike the others, I could find no trace of it, any of it.  I replaced it also.