Sunday, April 25, 2010

Almost Forgot About the Potatoes

We hosted not one, but two different Crawfish Boils on Saturday.   As we started the first, Cel said, oops, we forgot the potatoes.  No, problem I replied, I'll go dig some in the garden.   I did, and that was soooo cool.  Looks like I am gonna get a 10 for 1 return on my seed potato investment, at least.  

Any my crazy little Blue Potatoes are growing like crazy too.  That was a wild experiment, so I far so good, so I can't wait to see how that works out. 

Year of the Tomato

I had 17 Tomatoes in the ground.   Insane winds of the last few days worked them over pretty good, but they were strong.   My father-in-law told me today, that he had checked out the Tomatoes all over the area and mine looked the best.  Yes, my chest stuck out a bit, I admit it.  The best thing is I have done this year all organic.
I put Paw Joes old ladder leaning up against St. Joe's Tower with the Snail vine on one side, and a Cucumber on the other side.

Chickens Get a Respose #2

I lost one of my Roosters, so the chickens spent the last 3 days running free.  I felt so sorry for them, but they found some relief here and there and are looking a little better.  But, Monday is here, so time for the pen again.   I don't take lightly moving away from organic, and only in a small area, but I had to find them some relief.  I got out a hose end sprayer with liquid Seven and pounded the whole area and beyond.   Seems to have worked, as I brought the chickens into the pen one by one, not even a single gnat landed on me.  So, I'll keep this up, till the gnat investation is overcome.