Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Up, Up, and Away

Six of the seven rows of the garden are now planted. Only the row of Bell Peppers and Eggplant remain. That will be planted in the next couple of days. The Edamame Soy Beans will be planted into the raised beds at that time as well.

The chicken are in their summer home now via the chicken tractor, well OK, not really a tractor as I have to drag the pen by hand over a hundred feet. Not much fun, but it got done. And now the pen sits over the old gravel road bed, that will not only help with drainage and mud, but will also give them access the grit they need as well. A third benefit it that it significantly reduced the likelihood of a predator digging its way in.

On the ornamental side of things, I moved and divided the daylily by the driveway back within the bounds of the flower bed. I planted the little Iris Denny gave us over by the front brick steps on the right side. I grab some out of the front later to do the same of the left side of the steps. I am slowly picking through the remains of the house plants, repotting what is still alive and tossing the rest into the compost.

I hauled my first thousand pounds of Limstone yesterday to fix holes in the driveway. My little Loadhandler made the job far easier than a shovel alone. As near as I can tell, I will need to do that at least 2 more times or 3 more times before bringing in the big truck for a gate pour.