Saturday, December 22, 2012

Acacia seedlings are the oddest things you have ever seen. Like a stem with some long skinny leaves, and then a little set of completely different shaped leaves on the end of those leaves.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A great cleanup in progress. The gardens were quite overgrown and out of hand from the mild winter and insanely rainy summer. Yesterday I got the two new Mayhaws in the ground, as well a 24" Cypress that was a gift from Mr. Norb.

Today we pulled out the four Pomegranates in the front beds. Nothing wrong with them, but as the plants are growing, things have gotten a bit too tight in those beds so I hooked strap to the truck hitch and out they came. Then we trimmed the two Lantana that also had gotten way beyond their boundaries. The Rangoon Creeper was taken to the ground. 

Afterward, our attentions focused on the Dog Yard area. We trimmed back the Rio Red Grapefruit, the big W. filifera and pulled out the Mirliton vines harvesting the remaining 20 to 30 vegetables. After tackling a few other misc items we had filled and emptied the back of the pickup 4 times. We were done for the day.