Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bamboozled by Bamboo

Another pretty day, but with a hard frost, again. This winter certainly has been a tough one. Most of the tropical is quite dead. Even the sub-tropical stuff is suffering. I fear to see the final toll this spring, after we know what is really not coming back.. Regardless I continue. After work, I got a little work done, in the garden that is. I planted the two LSU Gold Fig clones today. I forgot to mix in the 1-Step, but sprinkled it on top. The rains tomorrow will wash in the bio-stimulant and beneficial fungi.. The soils are still way too wet in the area where I want to put in the two new Rain Trees from Helen. And we have more rain coming. I think I may have to dig the soil out of the planting holes, put it into a wheel barrow so it can dry enough to be worked, then put it all back in the planting hole with the plants. Never had to that before, but no reason it should not work. Better than planting too late and having the heat take them out due to insufficient root development.

I have reached a bit of desperation with my Moso bamboo. With nearly 60 inches of rain in the last 4 months, along with crazy weather. I planted two pots, each a single shoot last year. One sent out a single shoot last year, which met a bad fate via a lawn mower, don't ask. About a month ago high winds snapped the original shoot off completely at 1 foot high. The other, which did not shoot last year, was broken off about the same height last summer, but not completely. I used steel rods and duct tape to re-erect it, and it is still alive. But I know this is it. If it doesn't shoot this year, the original shoot won't hang in there a second year. So, bottom-line, my $120 investment in these two bamboo hangs in the, balance and doesn't look so good. Since Bamboo are members of the grass family, I got some regular old lawn fertilizer and spread the area today. That is all I can do for now, and pray.