Friday, May 7, 2010

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, and More Tomatoes

When I ran out of garden space to plant tomatoes, but still had tomatoes varieties in seedling, I got creative.   First is an old Earthbox that's been around for years.   I mentioned it in an earlier post.  I pulled it out of mothballs.  The vinyl top was lost along the way, but as you can see, I cut a Miracle Grow Organic bag in half to make a nifty top.   Those tomatoes have been in the box only about 3 weeks and are really growing.  One is Razzleberry, the other is Red Currant.  Behind that you can see a very large nursery pot and an ornamental plant support.  I put two varieties in there.   I put 5 more on tower post.  

And I still have some left.  I'll stick them in the ground somewhere.  They came this far so they deserve a chance to make a tomato or two.

Oh, almost forgot.  The big leaved plant in the middle of the tomatoes is a Perique Tobacco Plant.

5 Days After Planting, The Dixie Lee Field Peas Have Awakened

And they're so cute.