Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Garden is a Fight This Year, Lack of Rain, Carnage, and Disease

The last 2 rains weren't much, so I am again watering the garden.  I had to replace a couple of plants in the garden, and was amazed at how dry it was down in the soil.   And I was replacing the plants because while the last storm brought little rains, but it did bring very damaging winds.  Gusts were clocked over 50 mph, and over 80 mph in a nearby town.  Some of the Tomato plant were busted up pretty good.  I also seem to be fighting some kind of wilt here and there.  Have replaced multiple tomatoes so far.

I finally got around to pulling the stake on the L. decipiens palm on the west side of the drive.   And finally move the little L. saribus that has struggled so bad as well.  The new planting this year are manageable, but a little natural rain sure would be appreciated.

Other notes.  The Jasmine on the pole is ready to flower, but waiting for moisture, as is the rose on the old Pig Trailer.  They Yellow Lady Banks put on a nice show this year, but it was cut short by lack of moisture as well.