Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rains Said Yes, and Now, So Does the Moon

We had a really good rain yesterday in advance of cooler weather.  Its still quite warm out there, but not the record heat of last week.  And the rains were just in time as growth was starting to slow down.  Now things are back in high gear, although I am already tired of eating Cucumbers and by the numbers of Yellow Crookneck Squash out there, that will be the next thing to overwhelm my diet.  But at least the squash are easy to "put up."  

And about the moon.  I am paying more attention to planting by the moon this year.  Not that I am all that convinced of the science of it, at least not yet, but I have to say its fun.  And what's the harm anyway.  Who knows, maybe it works.  So, we are tomorrow is 1st quarter.   Got the next 3 days to plant above ground crops.