Sunday, January 30, 2011

Late on the Potatoes, Just Right on the Tomatoes

I am two weeks late planting the potatoes, and that will likely extend another week or two, with the cold and rains. 

But I planted out the Tomato seed trays tonight, right on schedule for planting at 6 weeks old.  Here is the layout for 2011.

2011 Seedlings

Tray 1 - Tomatoes (fun tray)
Wild Everglades – Bill in Florida
Cherokee Purple – Bill in Florida
Black Krim – Ferry Morse Heirloom Seeds
Pruden’s Purple – Ferry Morse Heirloom Seeds
German Pink – Seed Savers Exchange
Amelia Hydbrid – Top Notch Seed
Chocolate Strips Purple – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Giant Delicious “World Record Variety” – Weeks Seed Company
Dixie Golden Giant - Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Giant Collection
Ultimate Giant - Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Giant Collection
Cosmonaut Volkov Slicing – High Mowing Organic Seeds
Brandywine – High Mowing Organic Seeds
Giant Oxheart - Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Giant Collection
Giant II – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Giant Collection

Tray 2 (fun tray)
Hillbilly Gary – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Box Car Willie – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Garden Peach – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Black Zebra – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Brandywine OTV – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Paul Robeson – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Orange Strawberry – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Blondkophchen – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Costuluto Genovese – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Julia Child – Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection
Ugly Ripe Tomato – Bill from Florida
Plum Lemon Tomato – Bill for Florida
June Flame Tomato – Bill for Florida
Big Rainbow Tomato – Burpee
Mortgage Lifter Tomato – Burpee
Black Truffle Hybrid – Burpee
Burpee’s Supersteak Hybrid VFM – Burpee
Big Rainbow Tomato – Park Seed
Rutger’s Tomato – Ferry Morse

So, what does fun tray mean.  First it means that these seed plugs were used last year and that means that there are other seeds from last year still in the plugs alongside the new Tomato seeds.  Now, by all accounts those seeds were duds, but sometimes they surprise you and pop up a year later after having been allowed to go completely dry.  No doubt some surprise things will pop up.   Second, they are not central to the 2011 Tomato crop which will be more proven hybrids.  In other words these seedlings are for fun and pleasant surprises, both Tomato and non-Tomato.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hmmm, Something Looks Different. Gonna Be Some Happy Earthworms Tonigh

My neighbor showed up with the tractor and made short work of tilling in the remains of the winter crops.  There is a ton of organic matter in that soil.  I suppose it will be an Earthworm paradise, till I do it again in about 5 weeks, till it up again, and hill it. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Another Cold Winter. Not Quite as Cold as Last Year, But Plenty Cold Enough

This big Philodendrun lost every least last year, with out coldest year in 15 years.  This year it is a bit bronzed around the edges, but it'll look fine in no time.

I have decided to harvest out the garden, and as soon as it is dry enough to go ahead and till it/hill it in preparation for spring.   I still have the 3 raised beds to grow some late winter veggies.   They'll get some Broccoli, Cauliflower, Potatoes and some Snow Peas as well.  I think I'll even transplant the onions and garlics from the main garden as well.

Still got Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Cabbage, and Kale out there, but its got to go. One more cutting, and we're tilling for spring.

Those rows just don't look 60 feet long, do they?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Purple or Red

Dead Red. Amazing number of peppers still left on that plant. Surprised it had room for leaves.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time Marches on to Spring

I am now certain that I will not do a second planting this winter in the main garden.  Now, I may play around in the 3 raised beds a bit, but that is it.  All activity in the main garden will be the continued harvesting of items still growing like Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Red Russian Kale, etc. and most importantly preparing for spring.  After my experience this fall with the vigorous growth, I am moving my rows from 3.5' on center to 4' on center.  I am fairly certain that will be better for the plants, and 100% certain it will be easier on the gardener.  As soon as it dries up enough, I'll get my neighbor to bring in the tractor, bust it up good, work in the amendments and wait for spring.   And depending on how this year goes, spring is only 5 to 7 weeks away.

In the meantime, looks like the nasties are heading our way tomorrow with an 80% chance of rain with temps in the mid to low 30s.  Buhyuck.