Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laid to Waste, but It Will Be Back

This is what remains of my most luscious sub-tropical bed, the result of 3 nights in a row with lows of right at 20 degrees.   There were many more nights below freezing as well in this brutual winter, the coldest in 20 years.   But no fear, these plants will be back, although it will take till fall before they begin to approach their previous beauty.   Unfortunately, many of my marginal palms will not return, and are down for the count.  Such is the evolution of a garden.

Pretty Enough to be a Flower

I planted a few Purple Cabbage in one of the ornamental beds just for the fun of it.  I wish I had planted more as they are quite attractive.

I put out the 3rd batch of Compost Tea/Spray-n-Grow today.  That's 75 gallons and all.  I also pruned up the more heavily damaged Citrus.  One of the Variegated Lemons is toast, and the second probably is, but has a slight chance of survival.   The Ponderosa Lemon was heavily damaged as well, but should come back.   The Rio Red Grapefruit is not only undamaged, but already putting on a tremendous growth surge.  The Meyer Lemon is fine as well, but was full of suckers which I pruned off today.