Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Little Me Time in the Garden

Beautiful weather today prompted me to get out in the garden.  My neighbor had already done the heavy tilling with his tractor, so normally, I would just pull out the mantis to assist in building the rows.  But the Mantis is in the shop, so I pulled out Old Nellie.  In spite of the fact that Old Nellie is a thousand years old and rescued from my old bosses junk pile, she did an admirable job.  Anyway, I hilled up the corn row.  But after looking at the long range forecast, I am ready to pronouce winter over, so I am going to start putting the Cucumbers and Tomatoes too.   Of course, I'll keep some backup seedings in reserve, just in case.

Well, it's late, but maybe another update tomorrow with pictures.

Veggies Go In

Time for bed, got to wake up and plant. Was only gonna plant corn tomorrow, but with the date and long range weather forecast, I am going for it. Tomatoes and Cucumbers are going in the ground tomorrow. But I'll keep some backup seedlings in reserve too, just in case.