Monday, April 19, 2010

Chickens Get a Repose

It was nearly death by gnats for my poor birds.  They are ragged and haggered for sure.  Despite all of my effort, and some were extreme, I was unable to reduce the gnat population in their area.  Now, my chicken cage is fairly large, 10' x 10' for 4 chickens, and it is moveable.  This is known as a chicken tractor.   But moveable does not equal easily movable.  The "easily" part is a future project I have yet to get to.  But they were so miserable, that I let them out and pushed, pulled, dragged the kennel 40 feet to an entirely new environment.   In the past, at dark, they have always gone into their pen knowing they were safe there, but not tonight.   They stayed on the back porch readily trading safety for relief from the the gnats, and I gladly let them.   Now I have no idea how I will handle this come morning.   One of my neighbors may be forgiving of my chickens wandering over, but the other likely not.   Prayers be with me please, a chicken herder I am not.  Actually, I guess you need to pray for the chickens, lol.