Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweat and Hard Work Today

We continue to make headway in the spring cleaning.  More mowing, weedwhaching to start.   Today, we also pruned the Crepe Mytles.  No Crepe murder here, just removed the suckers.  We also shaped up the Parkinsonia.  I found more disturbing damage and fear this year may be its last, but then again, I have said that every year for the last 3 years.   Who know, but its replacement was planted last year, so when it goes it goes.

I gave a lot of seedlings away today, too, so that was awesome.   I hated to see them go in the compost bin, but my garden is full, and so are my friend's gardens too, with a little help from me, lol. 

It's back out tomorrow.   And we won't finish the job, but maybe just one more weekend after this, and we can cruise into summer with just upkeep.

One last positive, too.  A friend with an incubator took the last 3 of my hen's eggs.  With a little luck we might get some progeny from my sadly missed hens.

Surprise Surprise

Guineas woke us early morning.   As I neared the pen, the sickening realization that my big Rooster was gone, set in.  Despite my fortifications, the predator had made his way in yet again.  I was beside myself.   Since it was 5:30ish, I decided to just make a pot of coffee and stay up, rather than going back to bed.   It wasn't long after, that the Guineas started making a rukkus again.   As I snuck around the side of the house, I spotted what I thought, was a dog out in the fog.  As I continued to sneak forward and squint, it turned, the head and tail came up to reveal a Fox.   Our predator is a Fox.  I was quite shocked, never expecting to see a Fox on our property.  With dogs, cats, lights, etc. I would have throught it way too busy for the shy Fox to be around.

So, I am out one Rooster and my two best Laying Hens.  I added even more fortifications to the pen.   And looking at trapping options for the Fox.  Once I am sure the Fox issue is resolved, it will be time to go Hen shopping.  I am thinking some Cochins would be really cool, but those steady laying Buff Orpingtons have me spoiled.   Two of each?

Never Take Beauty for Granted

Each year we are blessed with the Azalea bloom.  Last spring, after the big freeze it was pretty much a non-event, but maybe this year nature will make up for it.   This is my first year to get a really pretty bloom from this one.  I raised it from a baby.  I am happy to show it to you.