Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surprise Surprise

Guineas woke us early morning.   As I neared the pen, the sickening realization that my big Rooster was gone, set in.  Despite my fortifications, the predator had made his way in yet again.  I was beside myself.   Since it was 5:30ish, I decided to just make a pot of coffee and stay up, rather than going back to bed.   It wasn't long after, that the Guineas started making a rukkus again.   As I snuck around the side of the house, I spotted what I thought, was a dog out in the fog.  As I continued to sneak forward and squint, it turned, the head and tail came up to reveal a Fox.   Our predator is a Fox.  I was quite shocked, never expecting to see a Fox on our property.  With dogs, cats, lights, etc. I would have throught it way too busy for the shy Fox to be around.

So, I am out one Rooster and my two best Laying Hens.  I added even more fortifications to the pen.   And looking at trapping options for the Fox.  Once I am sure the Fox issue is resolved, it will be time to go Hen shopping.  I am thinking some Cochins would be really cool, but those steady laying Buff Orpingtons have me spoiled.   Two of each?

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