Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a Difference a Week, and a Wee Bit of Rain Can Make

It finally rained a few days before we left town to head for the beach.  It rained again while we were gone.   And after the horrible winter the gardens were wrecked.  It didn't help that I had not the desire to get out and clean up the carnage.   It was just depressing all the way around, but with the moisture came the recovery.  Slow for sure, and some things are just truly dead, never to return.  But there were some surprises, and some hardy plants that just needed some rains to show.

Well, all of a sudden, things sprang to life, and everything is looking up.  These of course, were all expected to return.

I'll show you some other surprising recoveries later.


The tomatoes are coming in strong.  Here's to the organic methods.  Very little tilling and soil prep with organic fertilizing and a healthy mulch of oak leaves.   I must admit I am astounded at the health of the plants, the lack of pest issues, and the quality of the tomatoes.   Assuming that these beds will just get better, I can't wait for next year.   This is about a third of this weeks harvest.

A Little Petunia Never Hurt Anyone