Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day in the Afterlife #3

A day in the afterlife. I call it the afterlife because starting at 5pm this is the work I do after I work for a living and before I start doing the the work I do for a living again after dark. Ha, confused yet? Dropped off mower and tiller at the shop. Picked up soil and mulch from store. Distributed 25 gallons of compost tea on the peppers, tomatoes, and blackberries. Cleaned out and stored the compost tea maker in the barn. Sprayed herbicide in a few areas where I will do some new ornamental planting this weekend. Looks like this garden is a “labor” of love.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Day in the Afterlife #2

De-weeded 10 sq ft bed for some new plantings of Canna and Bear’s Breech. Cleaned off and loaded the old push mower and old Mantis till to go to the shop. Put the smoker, BBQ, Fire Pit, and seed starters in the barn till next fall. Pulled out the hose cart. These rains won’t last forever.. Watered the new Little Gem Magnolias super good. Hoed 3 rows in the garden. Yet more organizing in the barn, this is gonna take a few more rounds. Did another 25 min of burn-in on the new mower engine, but mower still not running because electric clutch burned up right after replacing engine, geez.

A Day in the Afterlife #1

So, after work yesterday I picked up and stored the old greenhouse ploycabonate panels, fertlized the corn, tomatoes and Bell pepper, thinned the seedlings in 120 feet of corn row, organized in the barn (a little), got out pressure washer and washed off carport, driveway. and front walk.

Wonder what I will get done today!