Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is Late, but Fighting to Get Here

It was a pretty day again today. I thought I had all of the fertilizer spikes down, but found another pack today, and quickly found a place to put them. In the process I also found enough missing spots to put down yet another pack as well. I finally got around to fixing the broken angel as well. Not sure where she will live yet. I put some cuttings in starting mix from the Althea that I trimmed last week.. Hmmm, let's see, what else on this piddling kind of a day. I found an old gallon of fish emulsion from god knows when. It has to be several years old and had thickened up considerable. Since we have rains coming tonight, I added some water, shook it up, and just poured it in figure eights over the new veggie beds that are in the preparation stage. I amazed, even in this cool weather, at how fast the leaves are breaking down in those beds. I need to find some more, and fast. Planting time is 2 weeks away.