Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mixed Palette Today Signaled the Season End

Today was a mixed bag of activities.  I put out the last batch of compost tea for the season.  Temps are getting too cool for the stuff to cook effectively.  I'll wash it all up in the next few days and it'll go into storage till March.

I dehydrated some Bell Pepper, Banana Pepper, and Tabasco Peppers till they had a lightly roasted smell, and ground them up into a rough powder, and added a tad of salt.  I haven't done this in years, and may even get around to making a bit of hot sauce this year as well.  Its been nearly a decade since I've done that.

Also, used my Cajun Tipsy Cooker today.  Got a nice Smart Chicken at the grocery store, too.   The chicken was awesome.   Then I took the stock that the chicken produced and used that along with the last of the Yellow Squash of the season to make a new soup.   Assuming you like the taste of squash, that too, was awesome.

First frost should be showing up any week now, and that will bring big changes in the garden, opening up nearly a third for replanting when the melons, peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes come out.