Sunday, March 13, 2011

Long Day Out Today

More spring cleaning.  I weedeated the large front beds in preparation for mulching.   I'll be crusing for bags of Live Oak leaves thrown to curb, again this year.  If others won't conserve by mulching and composting what they already have, I'll help.  I did this in only a few beds, and in the vegetable garden last year and was quite pleased with the results.    This year, I plan to do all beds like that, including the vegetable garden.  I am certain the results will be even better than last year.  

I removed the the litte weeping Mulberry, and the Ichy Persimmon, and the Corkscrew Willow this spring.  I may removed a Loquat as well.  All were diseased or damaged beyond recovery from the 09/10 freeze.    I still have a few minor things to remove, but for the most part that is it in the discard phase of spring cleanup. 

All in all, I spent 10 hours of hard labor out there today.  I am beat, but it is a good beat.

Here is a picture of this year's garden seedlings from a couple of weeks ago just before I did the planting.

An Odd Day

Lots of spring cleanup today.  Burned back some bananas and other brush.  Cut down some cold damaged things from year before last that obviously was not going to recover.   Actually had to water the garden today.  The recent cool snaps have slowed growth down to a crawl, but also reduced humidity.

Discovered a large hive of bees in the big Live Oaks.  The current debate is whether to have a bee keeper remove them, of just let them be.   No decision.  They are only 100 feet or so from the veggie garden, so the pollination help would be appreciated and probably quite productive as well.

What else?  The Bay Tree is blooming.  As far as I know this the first time ever for that to happen.  I'll try to grab a few interesting pictures tomorrow.