Sunday, March 28, 2010

We're Both Hurting, Big Time

Today was a massive spring cleaning on the property, and my wife, not me, pulled the biggest load.  I don't know how she kept going, but one thing I do know is that we is gonna regret it tomorrow.   First, the 40 foot Pine Tree that had split a couple of yearsa ago in the hurricanes and was cut down was hauled to burn pile.  The same for some massive trimmings from a hurricane damaged Oak as well.   Then came the Banana and Ginger remains.   And lots of freeze dead other things that were cut down as well had to be hauled off.   About 20 large bags of Oak leaves picked up here and there alongside the road were distributed out into the garden beds. 

The only planting today was the replacement GG Gerbing Azalea.  I hope the third time is a charm on this one.  Not sure what took the first one out, but last year it was early heat and drought that it in.   I was amazed to find the soil dry down 12 inches already in this spot.  I did use the 1-Step on this planting.   Since using this product I have not lost a single new planting and had outstanding growth in the first year and second year as well. 

We have 3 new Camellia to add to the Camellia room.  I would have planted them today, but I only had 1 pack of 1-Step left and it was used on the Azalea.   Getting those is first on the to-do list tomorrow.