Sunday, April 11, 2010

No Longer Bamboozled by Bamboo, I Think

Low and behold, the east facing Moso has sent up 4 new shoots.  Yahoo.  Nothing yet form the west facing one, but I'll hit it with high nitro fertilizer one more time at the next rain, just for the heck of it.  Worst case is I'll give the St. Augustine in that area a shot in the arm.   At least for now, I still have Moso.

The Earth Box Rig, Not Sure Who Would be Prouder, Dad or Norbert

Due the abundance of Tomato seedlings, I am struggling to find places to plant them, so I pulled out the old Earthbox out of mothballs.    The cover and clips have long ago been lost, along with the vertical supports.   So, I loaded it up with a combo of MiracleGrow Organic Soil and Black Kow.   Rather than use the fertilizer strip called for in the instructions, I substituted Compost Teas.

I cut the MiracleGrow plastic bag for a cover.  For the vertical supports I found on old piece of PVC pipe for one side and an old bird feeder post for the other side.

On one side I planted a Razzleberry Tomato and on the other a Red Currant Tomato.   And just for grins, I put a Perique Tobacco plants in the center.

Some Plants Grow so Fast, the Angel's Trumpet

When is a Weed not a Weed

This clover popped up at the base of one of the Kumquat trees.  It's a pretty little thing, not the normal white or yellow flowered clovers that are common here, but a little pink flower.  I didn't catch it at its best here, but you can see the charm.

Weeds, Birds, Compost, and Gravy

In spite of 4 hours of weed eating yesterday, today there was still more.  But now I have it done.  All good for another month

I was taking a break marveling at the diversity of bird life here.   In a few minutes, I observed ducks, geese, mockingbirds, blue jays, wrens, doves, swifts, sparrows, crows, hummingbird, kill deer, black capped chickadees, cardinals, and hawks.   I guess we are suceeding at making a wildlife friendly habitat.  Almost forgot, chickens, too.  

I was tossing plants into the compost when I got a pleasant surprise.  The Cattaleya Orchids which I were sure were done in by winters, and some Champanellte grape cuttings from last year were alive, just not showing it yet.  I quickly repotted them in some great soil.   Hopefully they'll come back strong now.
So its 4 o'clock and I am toast.   Decided to make a little custom gravy with everything in the kitchen sink boiling down, chicken, beef, and pork along with all kinds of ingredients.  Might be great, might be horrible, but it won't kill ya.

So much more to write, but so tired.   Maybe later.