Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Earth Box Rig, Not Sure Who Would be Prouder, Dad or Norbert

Due the abundance of Tomato seedlings, I am struggling to find places to plant them, so I pulled out the old Earthbox out of mothballs.    The cover and clips have long ago been lost, along with the vertical supports.   So, I loaded it up with a combo of MiracleGrow Organic Soil and Black Kow.   Rather than use the fertilizer strip called for in the instructions, I substituted Compost Teas.

I cut the MiracleGrow plastic bag for a cover.  For the vertical supports I found on old piece of PVC pipe for one side and an old bird feeder post for the other side.

On one side I planted a Razzleberry Tomato and on the other a Red Currant Tomato.   And just for grins, I put a Perique Tobacco plants in the center.

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