Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beauty is Everywhere, and Sometimes Just Slaps You in the Face

I was out of town earlier today.  I pulled in a parking, with an overgrown edge, and there they were, staring, begging for me to capture their beauty before they fade.   The Trumpet Vine is not in favor today, being a bit invasive in certain circumstances, but it is a beauty, non-the-less.   One can hardly blame today's gardeners, with life being so busy, but it is a shame to see so many beautiful plants fading away being labeled invasive, weedy, messy, etc.   But indeed, it is their very nature that will keep them alive and with us, not needy of our help at all.  Perhaps, that is why indeed many gardeners don't like them.  They plant themselves where they choose, expand where they choose.  They give us the impression that they own us and not the other way around.  What gardener would like that?  God for sure.