Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finally a Place for the Dogs

The dog door was installed this morning.   Next is the dog yard. 

There is nothing more hilarious that trying to train dogs to use a new dog door.  So, far 4 of the 5 can make the trip out the door.   The trip back in is escaping them at the moment.  Rather than come in the always open doggy door, they run around the front, sit at the front door and bark to get let in.

Rain, Yes, Finally Real Rain

Light rains fell in the early evening hours and I feared that was it.   But in the middle of the night it came.  Lightening, thunder, and steady hard rains.   After nearly 3 months of drought, it could hardly rain too much.   There were cracks in our silty clay loam soil a half in wide and 12 inch deep.   I could leave the sprinkler on in the same place over night, and there would not even be a puddle.  But last night we got real rain, at least 2 inches, maybe more.   All but the large cracks are now close, but a few are left.   We need rain like that at least a couple more times to get the soil moisture level where it needs to be.  Regardless I am thankful for what we got.  I am sure the Tomatoes are as well.  It was the first real rain they have tasted since their birth.