Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rain, Yes, Finally Real Rain

Light rains fell in the early evening hours and I feared that was it.   But in the middle of the night it came.  Lightening, thunder, and steady hard rains.   After nearly 3 months of drought, it could hardly rain too much.   There were cracks in our silty clay loam soil a half in wide and 12 inch deep.   I could leave the sprinkler on in the same place over night, and there would not even be a puddle.  But last night we got real rain, at least 2 inches, maybe more.   All but the large cracks are now close, but a few are left.   We need rain like that at least a couple more times to get the soil moisture level where it needs to be.  Regardless I am thankful for what we got.  I am sure the Tomatoes are as well.  It was the first real rain they have tasted since their birth.

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