Sunday, March 6, 2011

When You Use Compost, You Never Know What Will Pop Up

I suspect these are Butternut Squash Seedling.  Gonna hate to weed them out, but they came up in the wrong row, lo.  Actaully, I'll leave two just for the fun of it.

Heavy rains and nasty weather yesterday.  Today was sunny, but a little chilly.  I drove in the Tomato stakes, and put up the first section of netting for the peas.  I even got most of the Edamame planted.  And that danged Cutworm struck again, cutting down my Black Krim for the second time.

In the left raised bed, I planted Black Pearl from Territorial, and finished up a small space with Disoy from Ferry Morse.  In the center bed, I planted more the remaining Disoy, Misono from Territorial, and just labeled Edamame from Naylor Bros.   The right bed is still unplanted.but I have a bag of Midori Giant to go there, but back was tired before I got to that one.

And they pop up in the Compost Bin as well.