Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tomato Notes

Noting the last post of less than optimal conditions, I do want to record some tomato notes.

Yellow Tomatoes - First time to grow the yellows.  The Yellow Grape tomatoes  (Blondkopfchen) were both prolific and delightfull.  The Plum Lemon Tomato from Bill in Florida was the same.  And the big surprise was the Yellow Peach Tomato, the Garden Peach from Gary Isben’s TomatoFest Gourmet Collection's name comes from the fact that the fruit is a little fuzzy, just like a Peach, and it has a very refreshing taste to go along with it.

Everyglades Wild Tomato was also quite tasty and very prolific, preferring to travel the ground, rather than to gow upwards.  This was a little problematic as I was always walking on them, but it hardiness made up for its awkwardness.