Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lots of Cold Early This Year

We have a couple nice little freezes last week, and over the last two nights we've been down into the upper 20s. The fall garden is officially frozen and done.  Winter garden is not showing near the vigor of the fall garden.  Pretty much same soil, same prep, the weather hasn't been quite as friendly as the fall weather, which was darn near perfect as far as gardening goes.  I have to admit, I am tempted to just harvest out the rest of the winter garden crops, till it all up, cover and wait for spring.  I am just not sure that what I will harvest of what is still growing is worth the effort as opposed to being really ahead of the game in spring.  I'll wait till the first of the year to make a final decision, but sure am leaning to the early start for spring.

Last of the Mohicans, err, I Mean Last of the Bell Peppers

This was the last Bell Pepper harvest before winter finally did them in.  We stuffed and froze them.  Hopefully, there are enough of them to make it till spring.   I've always thought of stuffed Bell Peppers as kind of a winter food anyway.  I am funny that way.