Saturday, February 27, 2010

Will This Winter Ever End

Rain and cold, rain and cold. And coming is still more rain and cold. To quote the weatherman on TV "What a winter?". Tomorrow, Sunday won't be bad. But then it is rain on Monday and then lows of 33 and 35 the next few nights. They'll be no head start on the spring garden this year. I was able to get out today for a bit. I finished pruning the fruit and ornamental trees today, save only for the Loquats. They are flowering right now, so I'll wait till after fruiting before shaping them up.

I had a retreat this week and one of my favorite local gardens, Rip Van WInkle Gardens. In spite of the winter we had, the gardens look good. The cold weather provided and incredible field of Narcissus bloom. Actually, my Plum is blooming well, too. There are some benefits to a cold winter. Anyway, I took this nice landscape shot, so I thought I would share it with you.