Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pretty Enough to be a Flower

I planted a few Purple Cabbage in one of the ornamental beds just for the fun of it.  I wish I had planted more as they are quite attractive.

I put out the 3rd batch of Compost Tea/Spray-n-Grow today.  That's 75 gallons and all.  I also pruned up the more heavily damaged Citrus.  One of the Variegated Lemons is toast, and the second probably is, but has a slight chance of survival.   The Ponderosa Lemon was heavily damaged as well, but should come back.   The Rio Red Grapefruit is not only undamaged, but already putting on a tremendous growth surge.  The Meyer Lemon is fine as well, but was full of suckers which I pruned off today.

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