Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time Marches on to Spring

I am now certain that I will not do a second planting this winter in the main garden.  Now, I may play around in the 3 raised beds a bit, but that is it.  All activity in the main garden will be the continued harvesting of items still growing like Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Red Russian Kale, etc. and most importantly preparing for spring.  After my experience this fall with the vigorous growth, I am moving my rows from 3.5' on center to 4' on center.  I am fairly certain that will be better for the plants, and 100% certain it will be easier on the gardener.  As soon as it dries up enough, I'll get my neighbor to bring in the tractor, bust it up good, work in the amendments and wait for spring.   And depending on how this year goes, spring is only 5 to 7 weeks away.

In the meantime, looks like the nasties are heading our way tomorrow with an 80% chance of rain with temps in the mid to low 30s.  Buhyuck.

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