Friday, February 18, 2005

Week 7 of 2005

Monday: Well, we have made average last frost date. Most everything has green buds opening. Real green everywhere is a couple of weeks away if temps remain warm. We have some lows in the low 40s projected late in the week, but with no real cold in the forecast for the next 10 days that's it, next opportunity, the tomatoes are going in. Yahoo, spring is here. Man, I hope I don't regret that statement. Our project cold wet winter was certainly wet, but no real cold. We did have a very odd snowfall, which is rare, but with a low temp for the winter of 28, it certainly was not a cold one.

Wednesday: How does that song go, "it's raining again, uh oh, it's raining again." Yep, they got the wet part of cold and wet winter right. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, not the plant, the rain forecast.

Friday: Yep, it rained, and rained, and rained again. The hole I am trying to dig for the pond is again filled with water, right to ground level which is the current level of the water table, right about ground level, not even 1 inch deep. This is starting to cause problems, not just from not being able to dig the pond, but the weeds are on the rise, and getting RoundUp down is not possible. Other things are beginning to wake up as well. All rose have begun active growth, some had rose buds, and a few have even begun to open roses.

Saturday: It sure is hard to garden in a mudhole, particularly in clay soil. Nevertheless, a few things were accomplished today. Put another fruit tree in the orchard, a Blenheim apricot. I have always read the Apricots would not grow here, but then I saw a reference to this one doing well on the Gulf Coast, so I decided to give it a try. I would like to add a Plumcot and an Aprium. The Plumcot would have done OK, pollinating with one of my Japanese Plums, but the Aprium needs an Apricot for pollinations so until now I was not considering it. Guess I know which fruit trees will come to the orchard next. I also went over the Iberia Gardens to pick up the Natchez Crape Myrtles for the arch at the top of the cross bed. The four Crape Myrtles were planted in the berm. Most the Citrus trees had a nice flush of new leaves. The Weigela is leaving out nicely, as is the Acacia. The fruit trees are all still dormant with the roses starting to kick into high gear and the Yellow Lady Bank began opening a few early roses.

Other than riding the 4-wheeler around the walking path a few times just to mark it out, that was about it today. Way too wet to do much of anything else. Rain projected tonight again. If we get lucky and miss it, I might be able to get a few things done tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll be sitting the rest of this weekend out. Well, I might try moving those Azaleas. Maybe.