Friday, March 4, 2005

Week 9 of 2005

Out of nowhere Azaleas are blooming everywhere. Most plants are beginning to leaf out. Spring is here. Out at New Dawn the fountain is finally assembled. I planted the new Paw Paw Tree in its spot. Today was extremely windy so many items were tough to do. The fountain, even though over nearly 100 feet from the nearest tree was accumulating some Live Oak leaves. Too tired to type any more today and a big day planned tomorrow. Until then,,,

Well, it looks official, spring is here. Bloom buds appeared on the Wegeila this week. The Orchid Tree is showing its first new leaves, as are the figs. The Santa Rosa Plum is leafing out well. Many other things are breaking dormancy as well. Today was a very active planting day. Divisions of the my Umbrella Plants were planted in 4 spots and Upright Elephant Ears were also planted in 4 places. The Live Oak in the center was graced with Variegated Ginger, Upright and Regualar Elephant Ears, an Unknown Ginger, the Chinese Dwarf Banana (Musella lasiocarpa) and some of the bananas that Mr. Picard gave me. I moved the LSU Purple fig, again. I moved it this fall, but after looking at the new bed layout I realized that it was still not in the right place. It is quite small and will do fine even with this second move.

The fountain is finished and Monkey Grass started all around. It will be a year before it fills in for the look I am wanting, but New Dawn is long term venture. It will be about 5 years before things really begin to fill in and the vision of New Dawn begins to reveal itself.