Sunday, March 27, 2005

Week 12 of 2005

Thursday: Well, some weeks just disappeared in the spring rush. The planting for the spring is mostly done. I went by New Dawn to water on the way home today. It took 45 minutes to get everything watered well. The RoundUp I put down last weekend is just starting to show in a few places, but I fear the rain late on the same night diminished its effect. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Mowing, weed eating, and RoundUp'ing lie ahead tomorrow as the battle for control of the landscaping beds wages on.

Friday: Not sure if I noted it last week, but I moved the Azalea, originally from home, to its new home. One half was dead and the the root ball split neatly in two. I am really going to have to baby this one through the summer, but it has sentimental value so I will give it everything I have. As soon as the flowers start to stall on the other Azalea I will move it as well. Today was lots of mowing and not much else. I did empty out the greenhouse and got it moved to its new location. I harvested the beets and carrots today. A small crop but respectable in light of the fact that I planted the seeds and let them fend for themselves. Every single plant has awakened for spring with two exceptions. The big Mimosa is still dormant except for a couple of water sprouts from last year which has small bits of foliage emerging. The other dormant tree is the Peach Tree. I do not feel good about this tree at all. The other two died last year. A thumb nail test revealed it is alive. Tomorrow morning I have some small cleanup task to do then its off to an in-law family crawfish boil.