Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smoothie World Around Here Lately

I had a Strawberry, Banana, Honey smoothie tonight. Yesterday, it was Mulberry, Banana, Honey. I think the Mulberry was better than the Strawberry, which is good because I have to buy Strawberries, but I have a big old tree full of Mulberries.  

The tree was given to me as a cutting from Mr. Picard, my old neighbor.  I still remember him, with a plastic milk just with the top cut out and strung through his belt up in that Mulberry tree picking berries.   He also gave me my Champanelle grapes as cutting off of his vines, too.  Mr. Picard has passed, but if you are looking down on me, you must smile seeing me enjoy the fruits of your gifts every year, literally. 

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