Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Tray of Seeds Goes Into a Propagator

Another Seed Propagator Tray (Very Experimental)*

1 – Lemon Cucumber (from plant that has volunteered here for several years, seeds likely came from Maria, NorCal.)
2 – Giant Cucumbers (came from fall garden in 2010, do not remember origin)
3 – Tomato (Rafe wedding)**
4 – Cucumber (Rafe wedding)**
5 – Banana Pepper (Rafe wedding)**
6 – Fanfare Cucumber (TruValue)
7 – Longfellow Cucumber (Freedom Seeds)
8 – Sugar Crunch Hybrid Cucumber (Martha Stewart, 2003 lot)

*These reused cells were very old, and didn’t expand enough to completely refill the tray sockets. The seeds were place on top of the cells and the final quarter inch on top was fill with “Compost and Cow Manure” from the local store. Not the sterile environment typically recommended for seed starting, but it they make it, the seedling should be much healthier.

**At a friend’s son’s wedding reception, small containers of seeds were offered as a parting gift. I took one of the three different kinds. These are those seeds. Should they make it, it would be cool to send them a basket of vegetables from those seeds.

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