Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blisters on Both Thumbs, Yep, It Was a Good Day in the Garden

Retilled and hilled a few rows today.  On the last row and second to last row, I planted the first five steps with Candy Corn Sweet Corn.   And I planted the last five steps on the first row with Painted Mountain Ornamental Corn and the last five steps on the second row with Earth Tones Dent Ornamental Corn.  In the middle of the I planted Silver Queen Sweet Corn.   And then,,,,,,,,,I remembered I had planted the first row with potatoes.  Awe, poop.  After a bit of laughing at myself, and a little web research, I found that I can find interplanting corn and potatoes is not unheard of.   I had planned on interplanting beans anyway, so this is a slightly different variation on the plan, right, still laughing.

So, I went ahead and planted the middle of the second to last row with Silver Queen corn as well.  And that row, I will interplant with beans, after the corn is 12 to 18 inches tall.

So tomorrow, I think I'll put down my first Cucumbers, and maybe a Melon or two.

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