Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great Spring Weekend in the Garden, Oh, and the Corn is Up

Lots of cleanup work this weekend, and lots more to go.  Almost done planting the veggie garden.  Got the Squash, and the Peas planted, including a surprise batch at the end of the driveway.  Only thing left is to finish out the Melon row, and the Bell Pepper/Eggplant Row.  The seedlings for the last are still quite small, but I might just stick them out anyway, as I have spares in the seedling tray.

I walked around the garden for nearly 2 days before noticing that the corn was up, and about an inch high.  Well, at least half of it is up.   Now, where the heck are those potatoes?

Winds blew all day at 20 mph and above.  Poor tomato seedlings were hanging on by the tips of their roots.  I hope they were damaged. Over by the Artichoke seedlings, of which only one of the three remains, I looks like a little tomato is volunteering.  I thinned out the seedlings so it will have a chance.  I also seeded some of the Purple Peppers where the two Artichoke seedlings are no more.

Hmmm, what else.  I pruned the grape vines today.  And the chickens are steady on their march from under the oaks to their new home at the head of the veggie garden.

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