Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rains, Holy Palms, and Chickens

Finally, we had the first rains since June, and two days in a row.  Just under an inch both days, and the ground soaked it up like a sponge.  I was about to toss in the towel on the veggie garden and just start preparing for fall, but with the rains, we might get a second wind and a few more weeks of harvest before fall preparations begin.

On the ornamental side, the Phoenix palm seeds from Kumar in India has sprung forth with life.  I have 4 little palms.  We'll see if I can keep these alive.  I have a pretty sad track record with palm seedlings, no doubt, due to the lack of a greenhouse.

My two little survivor egg chickens returned home this week.   A rooster and a hen, and they are two young beauties.  I can't wait to see them grow up.  The kids that hatched and raised them named the rooster Napoleon.   So, of course I had to name hen Pauline, in honor of the real Napoleon's sister, and the exisitng Barred Rock hen, Josephine. 

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