Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dentist and Camellias Don't Go Together, But 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad

After a tortuous trip to the dentist.  Nothing wrong with the dentist, it is just I consider all trips to the dentist torture.  I had hoped to get the 3 new Camellias planted after work today, but after the dentist trip I thought I was done for the day.   Then it happened, right around 6pm I got this little burst of energy, so out I went.  I planted the 2 white Camellias, leaving the 3rd for tomorrow.   You know everytime I write Camellias, I feel like it should be Camellia, as in the same word for both plural and singular.

So, back to the planting.  The White Camellia in the center was planted in a normal fashion with minimal soil amendments consisting mostly of Black Kow.  I watered it in with Compost Tea brewed with Thrive cultures.   The second white Camellia planted to the right had the same soil amendments but 1-Step was added and it was watered in with plain water.  The soils in both holes was the same, black with little organic matter or visible soil life.  In each 24 inch diameter hole I count only 1 Earthworm.  Not good, but I know how to build soil.

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