Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Puttering

So, I am not supposed to work on Easter Sunday, thus I did lots and lots of puttering.

First I trimmed the winter damage on the Phoenix sylvestris palms.  They are fine.   The I trimmed the Bizmarckia palms.  They are dead.  Since I have tons of Tomato seedlings, I got the old Earthbox out of mothballs just to have a place to grow a couple more.  Of course I have no idea what I'll do with the other 60 seedlings.  I think I'll just put them here and there in the ornamental beds and leave them to there own devices. 

I decided to convert an old burn area in front of the barn to flower area.  I put in the yellow Dahlia's there.  They are going in a bit late, but I got them on sale, and I know my boogs loves yellow and Dahlias.

My frst potatoes are looking good., but the onions are pathetic.  My fault on the Onions as they were planted far too late with all of the winter rains.

Even later than that are the Purple Potatoes I planted today.   I got them last week at the grocery store and they were just too cute.  I ate a few, but saved most to plant.   Probably won't grow here, and planted much to late, but ce la vie'.   This is what gardeners do.

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