Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy Saturday's Crawfish Boil

This used to be Good Friday's Crawfish Boil until it became popular to add Sausage to the Crawfish Boil.   Well, you know there is that meat thing on Good Friday, so it became a drop the sausage or move the boil thing.  Well, the boil got moved.  But the most magical part did not get moved, which is the location Ca' Pete.   It is hard to describe the place, but it is not of this time.   It is as close to a time machine as exist.   One step on the property is a step back in time.  And each step takes you further back.

I was feeling a bit artistic, so here goes.  First shot is a view through the weeping willow.

And my father-in-law holding court while making some Hog Cracklings.  

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