Monday, May 31, 2010

Chicken Tractor on the Move

I have moved the chicken tractor out from under the Oaks in early spring when we had the gnat invasion/infestation.   I moved it out in the open, which provided some breezes to help with the gnats, but now that the intense sun and heat of summer arriving, it was time to give them some relief from that.  Since the chicken tractor has no wheels yet, it is a drag and sweat operation.   By next spring's gnat season, I have to get busy with the wheels.  And be ready with some organic gnat-i-cide, too. 

Here is my Orpington Hen setting on a combination of 6 Orpington Eggs and 6 Mallard Duck Eggs.  The duck eggs are another future story.

Here is my Orpington Rooster.   My second hen did not feel like posing, haha.

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